8ft Rollaramp 004

8ft-9ft x 30″ Roll-a-ramp Wheelchair Ramp

Roll-a-Ramp single track is an incredibly strong and lightweight ramp which is very simple to use, store and transport. Simply unroll and position for instant use. When not required, simply roll-up and store. Equally suitable for wheelchair, power chair and scooter access.
Roll-a-ramp is available in 3 different widths, 26″, 30″, and 36″.  If you are unsure of which width is best suited for you please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Features:
  • Overall Length = 8ft/9ft (1ft=304.8mm)
  • Weight Bearing Length = 7ft/8ft
  • Width(usable) = 30″ (29.25″)
  • Weight = 23.6/26.55kg
  • Max Load Capacity = 453.6kg 
  • Construction = High Tensile Aerospace Aluminium
  • Lengths start from 3ft long up to any length that is required 
  • Ramp comes in 6″ segments so the length of the ramp can be easily modified 
  • Ramp is priced at £120 per foot
  • Unique design enables the ramp to roll up on itself, allowing for easy transportation and storage
  • Upstanding edges prevent mobility vehicles from accidentally leaving the ramp.
  • Increased visibility due to high contrast yellow sections
  • Supports available for ramps longer than 12 feet long.
  • Lightweight design allows for ease of deployment
  • Constructed from high tensile anodised aerospace aluminium with built-in grip ridges along its total length.
  • Easily adjustable to any length, Roll-a-Ramp is totally versatile.
  • Weatherproof and perfectly suited to temporary or semi-permanent outdoor use.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years